Ellas best places in Gränna!

Hello! My name is Ella and I am 13 years old. I have lived in Gränna for about 10 years now and I want to tell you about my favorite places in here!

Gelato Factory

First and formal you just have to eat at the Gelato Factory, this is not a suggestion, you have to go there! Gelato Factory is an ice cream bar in the central square of Gränna that sells ice cream or so called “gelato”, but you can also grab a lunch or a fika here. You can sit both inside and outside, if you decide to sit outside there is a yard with beautifully flowered trees. So amazing! Gelato Factory has won both silver and gold for their participation in the Swedish ice cream championship 2017 with their flavors raspberry sorbet and chocolate ice cream. But all flavors are delicious. My personal favorite is raspberry sorbet, which most of my friends agree with. But like I said, all flavors are really good.

After enjoying an ice cream at the Gelato Factory we can begin!

1. Grenna Museum

The first place I am going to tell you about is the Grenna Museum where they show the Polar expedition with lots of items from the expedition and texts that both adults and children will understand and learn from. Outside the museum there is a plastic polar bear that usually are popular amongst the children, they can pet it and ride it. And they can take funny selfies! I like the Grenna Museum because I am very interested in history but even if you are not you still might think it’s fun!

2. Uppgränna nature house

If you like taking beautiful pictures, and enjoy a calm and relaxing moment for yourself, then you should visit Uppgrenna nature house. It is a greenhouse where you can fika, relax but most of all take great pictures for your Instragram! In the café, with an incredible view of lake Vättern, you can buy ecological fika with parts freshly made in the house!

3. My personal favorite, Röttle!

In Röttle nature reserve there are small hidden shores byt Vättern that are super cozy for example at family trips, they usually likes it! The shores are hidden so you will have to find your own small beach before you can sit down and enjoy a warm cup of chocolate.

4. The mountain of Gränna

If you have come to Gränna to relax I strongly recommend a calm walk at the mountain in the great nature and beautiful view over Gränna. There are many paths through the woods with lots of blueberries at the edge of the mountain, ready to get eaten.

5. The harbor in Gränna

By the end of the day you may be in the mood for some good food. My suggestion is to go down to the harbor of Gränna where there are lots of restaurants to eat at. You can choose between vegetarian pizza, hamburgers, Asian food, fish and meat, something for everyone. Maybe the coziest way to eat you food is to bring it with you to the shore and watch the sunset slowly fall by the island Visingsö.

I hope you get a great day today #grännainmyheart <3



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