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On autumn trails through Gränna

Oh, you beautiful autumn now you're here! Boil the milk and pour in the O'boy and take it with you and an egg sandwich out on the walk in the amazing colors that the autumn offers.

In and around Gränna there are many lovely and beautiful walking paths and hiking trails for those who want to go a little further. Take a trip down to the beautiful Röttle with the roaring Röttleån that passes through the little village, see the leaves in all the amazing sparkling colors along the Västanåleden or take a turn down to the harbor and listen to the splashing water from Vättern and see the ferry crossing the lake on its way to Visingsö or from there. Here in the harbor there are tables and benches where the accompanying food bag can be enjoyed.

Pack hot dogs, bread and warm juice and get up the stairs to Grännaberget and enjoy the magnificent view of Vättern and Visingsö. At Oskarshöjden you will find barbecue areas where you can enjoy your hot dogs and each other. Let the kids kick in the leaves and play around the trees for a moment. From here you can also continue a bit on the Holavedsleden and up to Tegnértornet / Skogstornet which is approximately 2.5 km from Grännaberget, the trail here is quite hilly but is worth the effort to get on. The path offers many colors and goodies of the fall. From the tower you can a clear day see four landscapes, Västergötland, Östergötland, Småland and Närke.

To the north of Gränna you will find Girabäcken Nature Reserve. Here you can go to Biosvärdled Uppgränna that wander around Uppgränna on varied substrates. If you go for a walk one day when Uppgrenna Naturhus is open it is nice to go in there and have a snack on the way back to the parking lot. You can also follow the path into Girabäck's nature reserve and go on the spikes and the small paths down to the clear water of Vättern.

Girabäcken and the area from Omberg in the north down to Tenhult to the south are included in the biosphere area Östra Vätterbranten which is a unique area of flora fauna and their rocks.