John Bauerleden

Hike in John Bauer’s footsteps! The most beautiful route between Huskvarna and Gränna. Start – or finish – in Huskvarna by the IKHP cottage. The trail passes through a wonderful and varied countryside.

The John Bauer Trail is named after well-known Jönköping artist John Bauer, who during his lifetime derived inspiration from these areas. John Bauer is known for his bewitching motifs, and you can indeed imagine both trolls and princesses in the forests along the trail.

You will pass many buildings that date back to very old times. Old crofts, remnants of a monastery and many watercourses make the hike a memorable experience. When you approach Gränna, you pass the village of Röttle, which originated in the early Middle Ages. You conclude your hike at Grännaberget 350 metres above sea level, which offers a unique view of the four provinces that surround Lake Vättern. There are windbreaks as well as access to water along the entire trail.

Segment: Huskvarna - Bunn - Gränna

Length: 46 km

The John Bauer Trail is marked by posts painted orange and connects in the south to the Södra Vätterleden Trail and in the north to the Holaved Trail and the Västanå Trail south of Gränna.

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