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City park (Stadsparken)

Jönköping city park's scenic location makes what makes the park so unique and well known. In the park you will find Jönköping municipality's largest playground, an open-air museum, a bird museum, a coffee shop, miniature golf and much more fun. Enjoy the view of the city or pet the animals.

Jönköping city park is more than 100 years old and one of the city's primary assets. The park welcomes both young and old to experience all the park's activities and facilities. You can enjoy beautiful, untouched nature or explore the various activities that exist in the park. The area in western Jönköping, where the city park is located, was originally wildly grown with bushes and mixed forests. In 1896 the area was raised to be a public park and has since then been an appreciated and popular city park. Jönköping city park is a park that contains untouched nature and environment without ornamental plantations. There is also a large playground and several animal farms with everything from alpacas to peacocks. In Jönköping city park you can also find two separate dog parks, two areas delimited with high fence where dog owners can let their dogs loose. If you are hungry or want a coffee, Jönköping city park offers different options. Outside the edge of the mountain and with a fantastic view lies “Stugan” in Jönköping city park, which serves coffee, lunch and a la carte. In the park you will also find Stadsparkskrogen which is a restaurant, a café and a pub in one. In addition to this there is also an arboretum, an open-air museum, bird museum, women's trails and the city's football arena - Stadsparksvallen.


In the beginning of the 19th-century trees and shrubs were planted between the present Stadsparksvallen and Dunkehallavägen. Some of these trees and shrubs along with a lot of new trees, shrubs and conifers have been labeled and you can study the plants name and descent in this arboretum.

Open Air Museum

The open air museum arrived in 1901, thanks to the engineer Algot Friberg who bought Bäckaby medieval wooden church and left the stock to Jönköping city park. Eventually more older buildings were moved to the park and an open-air museum emerged.

Bird museum

The Bird Museum is located in a beautiful brick building from 1914. The collections consist of 1450 mounted Swedish birds of 330 species and 2500 bird eggs of 280 species. Here you can see both common and unusual hedge birds as well as regular migratory birds, but also species that have just visited the country at some point.


Jönköping city park has the largest playground in town, here the children can run and play. Near the playground there are tables, benches and a barbecue area. After a while's play, you can feed the animals in the park just 100 meters away.

Jönköping city park womens´ trail

Ten statues of powerful women are located in the park to honor the ten most famous women from Småland. They have been in the park since May 12, 1996. The women trails were dedicated to: Vera Nilsson, Adéle Wetterlind, Hanna Ouhterlony, Ulla Stenberg, Ellen Key, Emilia Broomé, Moster Persson, Christina Nilsson, Kata Dahlström and Elin Wägner. The name of the paths can be seen from an equality perspective. Since 1907, Smålandsstenen in Jönköping city park, a stone with 65 names of famous men born in Småland, was rested. In 1996, it was time to pay attention to the women in Småland as well.


Stadsparksvallen is a place where football events are held. It is beautifully located in Jönköping city park. The field was already opened in 1902 and until 1981 it was also the athletics arena. Nowadays football is only played on "Vallen" and is the home of Jönköping's football team: J-Södra FF.