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UPPTECH - Jönköpings Science Center

Play yourself smart! UPPTECH is Jönköpings very own science center. Here you can, discover, learn and play. You'll find everything from technology to science in an exciting, fun and inspiring environment.

UPPTECH is a pleasure for the whole family and a natural place for inspiration, experiences and development, in both science and technology. Excite your senses, use your brain and body and go on a learning journey. On UPPTECH you can find a hundred experiments that makes you think and gives you an understanding of how things work. Whether you are young or old UPPTECH gives you experiences and awaken your curiosity about technology and natural "phenomenon".

In the experimental hall, you can find several experiments on different themes. You can, for example, learn more about the body, nature and space. In addition to all the many experiments and inventions, there is a planetarium where you can experience the amazing starry sky and the infinite space. Here you can not only learn more about the space of stars but also hear stories that originated from several different constellations.

Outside the center, there is also an electric car track for kids. However, the car do not include in the admission price. The electric car tracks cost 10 SEK / ride.

Take the opportunity to combine business with pleasure in this remarkable scientific and exciting science center!