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Treasure hunt at Visingsö

The historic island Visingsö welcomes you to a thrilling treasure hunt around the island! Look for clues and get to the treasure.

The success of the treasure hunt on Visingsö is back. This year with two tours. You choose whether you want to take the northern tour or the southern tour. You will pass five stops where you will be given five clues to open the treasure chest. The first three clues are common to both rounds. The first three stops are at Visingsborg, Brahe Church and Kungsladugården.

Northern tour
Except for the three common stops, the other two stops are at Gladhytt and Kumlabykiosken. This tour is about 7.5 km long and is good for both cycling or driving. Remmalagen goes to Kumlaby church which is next to the kiosk.

Southern tour
On this tour, the journey goes to the barn in Näs and Persgården. This tour is about 12.5km, it is good to bicycle or drive. The Visingsö train also goes to Näs.

The maps are located at the port of Gränna in the mailbox near the ferry, at the port at Visingsö in the waiting hall and at Persgården and Gladhytt. You can also print the treasure map from home by downloading this pdf!